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Welcome to our homepage!
Besides granting high-class professional expertise, the most important business objectives of the Geriteam Real Estate Agency are reliability, accuracy and the perfect satisfaction of our clients' demands. We have been active in the real estate agency business and have been providing all the related complementary services since 2000. As our Agency is a member of the Hungarian Real Estate Club and the Real Estate League, which organisations comprise almost 750 real estate agencies as members, we are able to choose the most suitable properties for our clients interested in buying from the portfolio of all these agencies and, similarly, the properties offered by us are included in the portfolio of all the other agencies as well. We advertise the properties to be sold on several Internet portals and on the real estate pages of the most popular ad magazines.
We focus our activities primarily on Budapest and its agglomeration as well as Pest County.
Ágnes Csató
Our Managing Director
One of our core activities is the sale of new and used real estates. In this field, we undertake to manage the sale, purchase and letting of residential, industrial, commercial and resort properties. Our Agency offers comprehensive services to our clients in this field (if required, in English, German or Italian as well).
At the request of our clients, we undertake to
- make photos of your property free of charge,
- appraise the value of your property,
- provide you with professional advice on financial, legal, taxation and property acquisition/transfer fee issues,
- brief you on the possibilities of raising a loan,
- conduct the necessary procedures at the Land Registry Office,
- assist you with legal services,
- in the case of properties let to tenants, we undertake the following at the Lessor's request:
• collecting the rent payable by the tenant and transferring it to the Lessor,
• controlling whether the bills of the public utility service providers are duly paid by the tenant,
• managing the settlement of claims by the insurance company if there is damage to the property (e.g. damage by water due to a burst in a water pipe or a leakage through the roof, burglaries, etc.),
• any other control activity requested by the Lessor
We offer a comprehensive and free housing loan arranging service to our clients. Upon request, our Agency chooses the loan scheme most suitable for the debtor, performs the administrative tasks involved by the raising of the loan and prepares the documents required for the judgement of the loan application..
The attorney of our Agency provides for the conclusion of sale, purchase and rental agreements complying with the relevant laws and enforcing the interests of both parties and assumes liability for the fairness and the lawfulness of the transactions by his countersignature affixed to the legal documents drawn up by him.
As regards insurance, we offer a wide range of life, property and business insurance products, of which we recommend the most suitable ones to our clients.
We help our clients develop a real estate portfolio most conforming to their investment demands. We prepare offers supported by profitability and rate-of-return calculations for the realisation of the desired objective.
You can reach us at our:
Branch office: 1139. Budapest, Petneházy u. 38-42
Registered office: 2045. Törökbálint, Udvarhely u. 33.
Phone/fax: 06-23-330 532
Mobile phone: 06-20-970 6689; 06-20-972 9775
2045. Törökbálint, Udvarhely u. 33. Phone/fax: 06-23-330 532 E-mail:
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